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Nationally Competitive Fellowships and Scholarships

National fellowships and scholarships are awards for students to help pursue their academic interests or passions. Some fellowships offer opportunities to pursue research while others provide funding for the last years of undergraduate education or for graduate work. They may be for general study abroad or for work at a particular European university.

These fellowships and scholarships are extremely competitive. Strong academic credentials (GPA of 3.5 or higher), along with substantial experiences in research, creative activities, leadership and engagement in the wider community, are essential to winning these awards. Developing an impressive profile takes time and effort.

Some fellowships require institutional nomination of candidates by the university. To be considered for these awards there is a UB self-nomination process with internal deadlines and a faculty review of nominees. Once selected by UB, the student is then officially nominated to the national or international foundation. For many other awards the application originates directly from the student and no UB nomination is required.

Advisement on, and assistance with, nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships is available from Elizabeth Colucci, Senior Assistant Director in the University Honors College. Students do not need to be members of the Honors College to be eligible for these competitive awards.

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